Monday, June 2, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up 13

Happy Monday! I'm writing today instead of Sunday because my work schedule is different for this week and I actually had all of yesterday off. I wanted to see how I would make it through my first Sunday off in a while. Thankfully, I had a really productive day off and stayed busy pretty much all day. Unfortunately my extended weekend was a bit of a roller coaster since I had to take Saturday off to attend a funeral. Talk about an emotionally draining event to attend. I'm doing okay but I've always been very empathetic so I soaked in all other's emotions around me.

I'd like to say that I put my emotions aside but I ended my second day of my Weight Watcher week terribly by binge eating. I went over my daily points+ allowance by 31 points+ but I can honestly say that I tracked everything. I'm currently trying to earn back all of the points I consumed from Thursday until Saturday with Activity Points but I'm slightly worried as to how my weigh-in will go on Wednesday.

The good news is that I had a really good Friday to make up for Thursday. I made sure to go to the gym first thing in the morning, had my smoothie before we hit the road to head to upstate New York, and made a salad for my dinner on the road. Otherwise, I was able to keep myself busy in the backseat by playing video games (Pokemon X, heck yea!) and listening to my iPod so I wasn't munching on the WW snacks that I had brought with me.

Saturday was rougher for me though. It started off okay because I took oatmeal I had made with old fashion oats in case I didn't have many options of food to eat at the continental breakfast in the hotel which I didn't as most of the options were filled with wheat/gluten. Then I tried my best to eat well during the luncheon following the funeral services but 1) I forgot to take my salad dressing packets with me; 2) the few salad dressing available weren't that great as far as points+ goes; and 3) I learned the hard way that ham slices for lunch meat are more points+ than turkey when I opted for 2 slices of ham lunch meat and only 1 slice of turkey lunch meat. At least I skipped the bread and bake ziti which I can only imagine would have really upset my stomach.

Then, on the way home from upstate New York, we stopped at a rest stop where I picked up two Bear Naked Real Nut Energy Bars (Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter). I really wanted to try them out in order to review them for my blog but I didn't know before I bought them that they were 7 points+ each. While they were delicious, they were definitely not worth points+ which I unfortunately spent 14 points+ on Saturday eating them because I was drained of emotional/mental energy from the events of that day.

With all of that aside, I'm proud to say that I made it to the hotel's gym Saturday morning before anyone else woke up. There was an Octane Lateral machine which I used while watching an episode of Breaking Bad -- my current Netflix addiction -- since there was free wifi all over the hotel we stayed at, the Holiday Inn Express Canandaigua - Finger Lakes. Watching something on Netflix while I work out is part of my usual routine, so it was GREAT to do something so familiar while being away, out of my normal routine.

Thankfully I ended my weekend on a good note yesterday but going on a 44-minute bike ride. The fresh air & sunshine was greatly needed after spending part of the last 30 hours in a car for 12-14 hours. I also stopped by the local farmer's market at the Natural Foods Co-Op in town where I was able to pick up some of my veggies for the week fresh and locally instead from the grocery store. Of course, I still had to stop at the grocery store later in the day but I was glad that I had the opportunity to shop locally for once (I hardly ever get the chance since I work on Sundays). I also went into work for a little bit, got in extra Activity Points for the day by taking my car to the car wash where I also vacuumed out my car, hosed down my bike since it's been needing a good cleaning, and got a lot of my food prep down for the week later Sunday night.

My birthday week is coming up and I'm celebrating it a bit this week but I plan to take some time on Wednesday to map out my week so hopefully have a successful week. So far I have Wednesday & Thursday mostly planned out and Friday I'll be staying home. But once again I'm getting ahead of myself! For now I must focus on doing well today & tomorrow as far as eating and getting in Activity Points in goes. Then I can focus on the week ahead after my weigh-in on Wednesday.

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