Monday, June 23, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up 16

As far as my eating was concerned, I had an utterly terrible weekend. Despite making a goal to use no more than 20 points+ of my extra weekly 49 points+, I ended up blowing through ALL of my extra weekly 49 points+, and then some, on Thursday night alone. It's hard for me to figure out why or how I did this considering the fact that I did so well with not eating out or getting pizza on Thursday. My best guess is that my overeating was largely due to boredom. I had taken probably one too many snacks with me for my two-night escape from home and would eat my snacks when I was bored but not hungry. My other downfall was baking a batch of chocolate chip cookies for my boyfriend when he got home from work since it was his first of four hard, 10-hour work days. I wanted to make his day a little better by making the house smell delicious of cookies but once they were done, I couldn't resist and ate almost all of them while he let the cookies sit there, only eating a few of them.

On Friday I woke up with the mindset that I wouldn't let one really bad day ruin my entire week and I would stay perfectly on plan for the rest of the week. I kept that mindset until I met up with a friend for lunch who gave me themed belated birthday present which consisted of a DVD and snacks. One of those snacks was a large package of Twizzlers Pull'n'Peel which happens to be one of my favorite candies/snacks (I told my friend this a few weeks ago when she inquired about my favorite candy). There I was with a huge package of my favorite candy that I would have felt guilty if I had gotten rid of it, so I ended up eating most of the package in one night. I was hoping I could save the Twizzlers for a different week when I had not done so poorly the day before but once I opened the package and just started mindlessly eating the Twizzlers, I found it hard to stop. Plus, I figured if I was going to blow my WW plan out of the water by eating all of those Twizzlers, then I might as well go get some worthwhile crunchy, salty, or sweet (chocolate) snacks that I wouldn't normally eat. Thankfully I didn't find anything that was worth the points+ (that I wasn't going to track), so I ended up just getting a couple of small snacks but ones that I know were more points+ that I would ever like to admit to or imagine.

Did I mention that I had no intention of tracking the Twizzlers Pull'n'Peel that I was eating because I was just mindlessly eating the candy? This makes me sound like a complete and total failure, I know.

Therefore, by the end of Friday night, not only had a I used way more of my extra weekly points+ (on top of my daily 26 points+ that I get every day), but I had not pointed everything that I ate honestly. It was at this point that I came to realize I had two choices: I could grovel about the fact that I did REALLY poorly with my eating for two days and possibly continue to eat badly (which would mean falling back into old habits) or I could learn some lessons from my two days of bad eating and figure out a way to do better in the future. This is a crossroad I've come across a million times in the past and it's a decision I'll inevitably to have to make a million more times in the future. Thankfully my path will always be clear: I will dust myself off from the mistakes that I've made and learn to make better decisions in the future. If you don't make mistakes, then how can you expect to improve? My journey has, and always will be, filled with mistakes but I wouldn't be on this journey if I had a good relationship with food. Yet I wouldn't change this road I'm on because I've learned so much about myself and I know I will keep growing/improving as a person as my journey continues.

Thankfully, since my two days of atrocious eating, I've been eating much better (on Saturday & Sunday). I could have done better with my eating on Sunday night because I did go over my daily 26 points+ allowance but Saturday I had a great day of making smart, healthy food choices and staying within my 26 points+ allowance. I'm also making sure that I track everything I eat 100% honestly, even if I go over my daily 26 points+ without meaning to, like I did on Sunday.

After making such poor food choices and losing all sense of control over my food during my two days off, I wrote up a plan for this coming week on Saturday. I'd like to say that I'll apply it to every upcoming week, but I really just have to take this journey one week at time, or even one day at time. Since I usually include my goals for the week in my Weekly Weigh-In posts, I will share my Plan of Attack/Game Plan for next week to do better with controlling my food and making healthier choices...

  • ONLY pack 5 snacks to take with me while I'm away from home for two full days (and 3 nights): Weight Watchers Kettle Crisps, Weight Watchers Roasted Almond snack bar, Goldfish Puffs (already divided into two baggies with 4 points+ worth of the Goldfish), and 1 or 2 fun-size Butterfinger bars
  • Add turkey & rice to my salad-in-a-jar to get in more power foods
  • Take green beans and gluten-free burrito to have for dinner on Thursday night
  • Pack my oatmeal (made with old fashion oatmeal) along with ½ cup of frozen raspberries and Yoplait Greek yogurt for Friday (breakfast or lunch)
  • Remember to take TWO smoothie blend'n'go bottles filled with soy milk and 2 oils for each day to make my daily smoothie for breakfast or lunch on Thursday & Friday
  • Take spaghetti squash with 2-3 ounces of ground turkey, 2 tablespoons of cheese, and ¼ cup of brown rice for Friday night's dinner
  • ACTIVITY OPTIONS: [one] go for a hike or walk at a nearby park; [two] get up between 8-10am to on a walk/run by myself*

*It is more likely that I'll follow through with option two to get in my activity. This way I can get simultaneously get laundry done with I earn WW activity points+ (I put in a load, go for a walk, come back after 30-45 minutes, and then switch out the laundry). Plus, my walks give me a chance to listen to music or podcasts, so I get in some good "me time" each day. However, going on a walk or hike at a nearby park is also ideal because gives me the chance to socialize with people I don't often get to see. It really depends on how the other person feels about getting in some activity with me, so I'll make the decision later this week. No matter which option I pick, I'll definitely be getting in some good, healthy activity for both Thursday & Friday when I would have just used those days to rest like I've done in the past.

Nonetheless, here's to hoping I've learned my lesson from last weekend and greatly improve upon my eating choices for the upcoming week!

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