Sunday, June 29, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up 17

Even though this weekend was better than last weekend, it was still a really, really bad weekend as far as staying on plan and eating better like I had promised myself. This is mainly because my significant other decided to bake not one but two packages of cookies. They were each different kinds of cookies so obviously I had to have some cookies from each package. Despite trying to follow a gluten-free diet (because of previous bad stomach problems), I find it terribly hard to resist freshly baked cookies.

The good news is that I owned up to my poor eating choices by tracking everything I ate on both Thursday and Friday. The bad news is that, yes, I also ate poorly on Friday. However, a few good things came about from this past weekend...

  1. On Thursday night when we baked the cookies, I actually stopped eating them at one point because my tummy was clearly saying, "No, stop, too many cookies."
  2. I learned a lesson on Friday night: I ate way too many snacks that evening because I did not eat enough power foods (fruits & veggies) throughout the day.
  3. It is unfortunately impossible for me to have packages of break-and-bake cookies around any place where I'm staying -- a fact which I was honest in telling my significant other about so he is now aware of how hard it is to have certain foods around.

The upside of all of this is that I went back and tracked everything that I was intentionally not tracking Friday night. Even though I have a deficit for my weekly WW points+ allowance, I know how many Activity Points+ I need to earn through working out the rest of the week. Between Saturday and Tuesday, I need to earn at least 7 points+ to break even so I don't have a negative weekly points+ allowance.

I did try very hard to stick to my Plan of Attack/Game Plan for the weekend. On Thursday I went for an hour-long walk without any knowledge that my night was going to go downhill as far as my eating was concerned. Even though I didn't get in any activity on Friday, I'm pleased to say that I earned 8 Activity Points+ on Saturday which is 2 more points+ than my daily average.

The other good news is that the cookies are gone! I know I'll have to face them again and learn how to avoid overeating freshly baked cookies in the future. Until then, the best I can do is make sure break-and-bake packaged cookies are not in the spaces where I'm staying for me to freely make at any point. I can typically avoid eating cookies & other baked goodies when I'm in a public setting (e.g., work, parties, etc) but they're hard to resist when I'm around them alone (or with someone I'm comfortable with around).

So, I've had another atrocious weekend as far as my eating goes and wish I had done better. However while some people would dwell on such poor decisions, I currently feel okay overall. I'm certainly not happy about how poorly I ate this weekend, but I'm going push any negative thoughts out of my mind and continue forward with my journey.

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