Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Weekly Weigh-In #22 (week of June 11-17)

I lost 1.6lbs this week at my morning weigh-in at Weight Watchers! I'm now down to 155.8lbs which means I have ~30lbs left to lose until I hit my own personal goal weight of 125lbs. I will continue to focus on every 5lbs but I'm ecstatic that I'm getting closer to my goal weight every week.

My weeks continue to be difficult by I think that's just how life goes. Life is hard and it's crazy for me to look back on my 3+ years of doing WW to see how much has changed since I first started losing weight. There are still a lot of areas in my life that I would like to improve but I have to just take each area -- and each day -- one step at a time. Slow but steady improvements or changes are what will hopefully make them lifelong, positive changes.

Therefore, since I'm trying hard to improve on my spending (as well as my healthy eating), I want my goals for this upcoming week to reflect my attempt to cut back on spending money for dinner out on Thursday. Therefore my goals for this week are as follows:

  • T R A C K E V E R Y T H I N G
  • Eat (or plan to eat) my salad-in-a-jar and gluten-free burrito for dinner on Thursday instead of getting gluten-free pizza to go like I typically do on Thursday nights
  • Only use up to 20 of my extra weekly 49 points+
  • Check off my daily Good Health Guidelines (GHGs)
  • Add the fruits & veggies that I eat in a day to my WW tracker

For the last month or so, I've been spending Thursday nights with my current significant other and we've gotten into the habit of buying pizza from the most delicious local Italian restaurant close to where he currently lives. Although I hate to see the tradition change, it's really becoming hard on my Weight Watcher points+ budget as well as my financial budget. This is because while he gets a regular cheese pizza for cheap, I have to buy a gluten-free pizza that's a bit more expensive. If I can forgo the pizza for at least three Thursdays every month, then perhaps I can let myself splurge a bit with both finances and points+ on the last Thursday of each month.

On top of the aforementioned goals for this week, I also need to update the Weight Watchers reminders I have in my phone. Even though I made this a goal to update them last week, I didn't follow through with this goal. It's not a huge deal, but it's something I should do every week just to reinforce my goals, reminders, and weight loss rewards for myself every week.

My NSV for this past week week was successfully getting back into a daily life routine. This included adjusting to a new summer work schedule, meal prep for the week, and going to the gym almost every day this past week. I also had a wonderful moment yesterday when I squeezed myself into a size 9 jeans, which I haven't worn in well over a year. All of my size 11/13 jeans are starting to become way too big so I thought I would chance it wear my size 9 jeans at work. (I like to wear a smaller size of pants the day before I weigh-in to remind me to stick as close to my WW plan as possible.) I'm so pleased that I'm starting to fit back into a smaller size pair of jeans!

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