Thursday, June 5, 2014

Weekly Weigh-In #20 (week of May 28-June 3)

So, I didn't gain or lose anything this week -- I stayed the same as far as my weight goes. This week was definitely a rough week with ups & downs every other day, so I'm actually happy that I didn't gain anything. I really thought I would have done better on Monday after I made a post that day saying how I was determined to do great on both Monday & Tuesday after having such a great Sunday. However, I went over my points+ allowance by 6 points+ but at least I was honest with myself when it came to tracking.

Additionally, I had a really hard time making it to the gym. With my typical work schedule, I absolutely love going to the gym before work so I can get it done with at the beginning of the day when I always have the most energy. However, my work schedule changed just for this week and I was working 8:30am to 5:00pm. It was much harder to get out of bed at the time I needed to (at 5am) make it to the gym, get in a good work-out, and make it back home to shower before work. Not to mention, the gym at the university where I worked was closed which robbed me of the convenience of working-out and showering in the same building then walking 10 minutes to my office location.

On Monday I did my best to walk on the treadmill I own and keep in the basement for about 45 minutes between 6am & 7am with the intentions of going to the gym or going for a bike ride after work. Yet the end of the day rolled around and I wanted to watch my nephew's Little League game since I don't often get the chance. Plus my energy levels were at an all time low after the game and I had zero motivation to go the gym after his game because it's really hard adjusting from a second/third/nighttime shift to a first/daytime shift. (I only got four hours of sleep Sunday night/Monday morning because I couldn't fall asleep until after midnight and I had set my alarm for 5am as I had every intention to go to the gym).

Thankfully Tuesday was a better day for me when I stayed within my points+ allowance. I think that's what helped me to not gain any weight this week.

With all of that being said, I can honestly say that I tried my hardest between being out of town, traveling a long way from home, my work schedule being completely different from what I'm used to, and my whole routine being switched around. I'm proud of the fact that I tracked honestly every day and got in a work-out every single day this past week. I really tried my hardest.

My goal for this upcoming week is to simply TRACK EVERYTHING because my birthday is this Sunday and I have plans that will make it harder to stick to plan. I feel that if I really focus on tracking everything I eat honestly, then I will be able to keep in check how much I'm eating as well as what kind of foods I'm eating. It will definitely be a difficult week since I already have several plans to go out to eat in order to celebrate my birthday with various people. I want to enjoy those times out with my friends & family instead of stressing out about them. I already know two out of the three places I'll be eating out at which means I can track/plan ahead what I'll eat when I'm there. Or, at the very least, I can study the menus before I go to those restaurants so I have a better idea of what those places serve. And with the third place I go to, I'll just make sure to stick to safer options with lots of Power Foods (fruits & veggies).

This is another week where I'd like to plan out my week ahead of what I'll be eating and try my best to adhere to my outline. So here's a break-down of my plan of attack for each day this week...

  • Wednesday, 6/4 → walk on the treadmill in the morning; counseling appointment at 8:30am; WW meeting at 9:30am; spend time with my mom and go to Home Grown Cafe for lunch with her; go to the gym for my strength training & cardio work-out after spending time with my mom but before leaving to visit my boyfriend (aim to work-out between 2-3pm); have my oatmeal for dinner
  • Thursday, 6/5 → away from home, I'm planning to sleep in for one of the few days this upcoming week and having my smoothie for breakfast/lunch; go to a restaurant of my choice for dinner (probably Applebee's)
  • Friday, 6/6 → Greek yogurt in the morning and stop by the gym to get in my strength training & cardio work-out in before heading home; have a relaxing day at home that will make it easier to control what I'm eating
  • Saturday, 6/7 → get up around 9am or so and have my smoothie for breakfast; beach day! ask to pick the restaurant on the boardwalk and pick one that would be easiest to eat as healthy as possible down at the beach; walk LOTS along the boardwalk
  • Sunday, 6/8 → relaxing day at home; make a new recipe in the crock-pot and my birthday treats I have to make for work (I'm thinking a gluten-free version of these Rainbow Cupcakes!); plan out my meals for the week
  • Monday, 6/9 → back to a more regular work schedule! "breakfast" at home then gym before work; all-employee campus picnic for lunch but I will probably take something anyways and just get some of the free Power Foods available (fruits & veggies)
  • Tuesday, 6/10 → officially back to a calm, regular work schedule for me (give or take a few hours) that will include planned-out meals and time at the gym!

My Non-Scale Victory for this week was definitely making it a point to go to the hotel gym. I also did my research on the hotel prior to my trip and found out that every room came with a microwave AND a mini-fridge so I was able to take some refrigerated foods with me. This really saved me when it came to eating breakfast Saturday morning in the hotel. The continental breakfast hardly had anything that wasn't filled with gluten and/or lots of calories. I'm really proud of myself for making the trip work for me without having to inconvenience those I was traveling with this past weekend.

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