Sunday, May 4, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up 09

This past weekend I saw improvement again! Yay! I'm so, so glad that I'm doing better with tracking. I would say that I'm tracking about 90-95% of the things I eat -- even if it means tracking yesterday's foods today. At least it's tracking and monitoring how much I go into my weekly 49 points+ on a daily/weekly basis. This weekend I opted in for a challenge my WW Leader is doing on Facebook. Every night you have to post screenshots or pictures of your tracker to a group. Being the amazing Leader she is, she has been sending me feedback on how well I'm doing (... or not doing, in the case of eating way too many fruits on my first day). The idea was originally mine, sort of, in order to help with accountability but I'm glad she took my idea and ran with it!

However, I had a HUGE realization this weekend. I'm lying. No, really... I'm lying to myself and my tracker every time I don't track a food. Even if I mentally track the food, that's food still not being deducted from my daily or weekly points+ allowance so I end up thinking I have more points left than I actually do. At the moment it may not be a big deal since I do work out quite vigorously 5-7 days a week but not tracking is NOT a good behavior or habit to get into for long-term success.

Most importantly, I have been lying to my Leader every time I post screen shots of my tracker at night. I'll go back and add foods that I didn't track before taking the screen shots so it looks like I only used my daily 26 points+ or only went over by one or two points+ in a day. Then I start having a slew of questions running through my head when I do this: Why am I being dishonest? Why can't I show her that I go over my daily target by 10 points+ during my weekend days? Why do I feel this need to show that I'm trying to follow the plan perfectly instead of showing her how terribly I'm doing? Why am I lying to myself?

I really wish I knew the answers to those questions but I certainly do not. Yet I do know that my lack of tracking 100% honestly at the end of every night is being deceitful. It's being dishonest. And I am far from dishonest. It's just not who I am as a person. One of my life policies is, "Honest is the best policy," as cheesy as it may sound.

I need to figure out WHY I'm being dishonest. I can say that I didn't fully track before sending in screen shots of my tracker both Friday and Saturday night. Friday night I went over by 10 points+ because I was just so hungry in the evening because I didn't go to bed earlier in the evening. Solution for the future: go to bed earlier! Saturday I was craving a few things including chocolate, salty foods, and nuts. It sounds so random, I know, but that's just how cravings are sometimes. And my cravings typically don't go away until I satisfy them. So I ended up visiting the vending machine at my work's break room to satisfy my chocolate and salty food cravings then bought a pack of nuts later on in the evening. Solutions for the future: buy a small chocolate at the nearby 711 on my lunch/dinner break, bring in extra 2-point+ snack bags of chips from home, and figure out something else for the nut craving.

So while I may be having trouble with being honest with myself NOW, I am at least trying to do better. Every day and every week, I just need to come up with plans to work around any hurdles I may come across. I must plan for the next day, the next week, the next month -- in order to be successful for the long-term.

Today, for example, I had not added the Milky Way Caramel fun-size bar that I ate this morning (because I was starving and wasn't at home) to my tracker. However, I just now added it and deleted my Yoplait Greek Vanilla Yogurt that I was going to eat later this evening. This adjustment, along with the other foods I've eaten today will bring in at 27 points+ for the day, which goes over my daily allowance by one. It's better than being dishonest though.

In other news, I have plans for some upcoming posts that are outside of my usual Weekend Wrap-Up and Weekly Weigh-In posts! Hopefully I will have a Tasty Tuesday AND Fitness Friday post up this week on top of my usual Weekly Weigh-In post later this week. I also have some new-to-me recipes that I've made recipe that I plan to share next week.

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