Sunday, May 18, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up 11

I feel like I have improved once again this weekend. I'm not sure how, but my Good Day/Bad Day jar is actually working. The idea of having to start all over if I don't point everything that I'm eating is somehow really motivating for me. So every day I've pointing EVERYTHING that I consume, even on days when I go over my daily points+ allowance. I think one of my goals for next week will be to eliminate one of the days I go over my daily points+ allowance (and therefore dip in my weekly 49 points+ allowance) since I find I'm going over my daily points+ at least three days per week (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday). Thankfully I tend to make up those points+ by how much I work out during the week. It will be interesting to see how much I'm able to earn back in Activity Points (APs) which is essentially rebuilding my weekly points+ allowance.

I've been making sure to track my fruits & veggies every day even though they're typically zero points+ for Weight Watchers. This was a goal of mine this week -- to make sure I'm adding my fruits & veggies to my tracker. I had been neglecting to do this since I've been so faithful with keeping up with my Daily Fruits & Veggies Google Excel doc. While it's been incredibly useful for me to make sure I get in a good variety of fruits & veggies, it's also important that I keep my WW tracker up to date at the very least so it's easier to look back at my days of tracking (more for convenience, I suppose).

Speaking of which, my Google Excel doc is really helping me increase my intake of veggies every day. It's been great (but not so great) seeing how few vegetables I was eating on a daily basis. It's really becoming a good challenge for me to figure out how to eat my veggies without hating them completely. Currently I'm trying to make salads in a mason jar work for me which I've heard really great things about. So far I've only made and tried one salad in a jar. It was great because my lettuce wasn't soggy by the next day (I always make my food the night before, or even several days ahead of time). However, I was unsatisfied because I wasn't a fan of the dressing I used -- my mom's homemade salsa, which I absolutely LOVE but it just didn't work out with my salad of spinach & bell pepper. So now I'll be experimenting with other dressings. Hopefully this Salad-in-a-Mason-Jar concept works as a side or snack salad because they stay fresh for a week (and I always try to do my food prep on or before the first day of my work week) and it will really help me to eat more veggies!

Otherwise, I'm a bit disappointed in myself because I didn't work out two days this week: Thursday and today (Sunday). However, I know it's good to have one or two rest days in a week. Today just involved special circumstances for all good reason, so I will have to remember to not be too hard on myself for not working out today. Besides, I know that I'll be sure to get in great cardio work-outs tomorrow and Tuesday before my weigh-in on Wednesday. Plus, later this evening I have every intention of spending my full hour dinner break at work power-walking to make up for my lack of cardio exercising earlier today.

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