Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Weekly Weigh-In #18 (week of 5/7-5/13)

Despite starting my week off poorly, I ended up having a successful week. I'm not going to post my weight loss right now, but I will say that I had a loss. Only with journeys like this can you get excited about having a loss!

I'll be continuing my Good Day/Bad Day jar, which is working so far. I've altered it a bit though. I put one pebble into my jar when I have a Good Day: when I point everything I eat honestly but go over my daily points+ allowance. Then I put two pebbles into my jar when I have a Great Day: when I track everything I eat honestly and stay within my daily points+ allowance (or go over by 1 or 2 points+, depending on the day, I guess whether or not I work out). Again, this challenge for me is still in the works but I do see it helping thus far.

I also learned something new this week! As I mentioned in a different post, I go away on my days off where I have limited resources to eat my usual meals to get in my Good Health Guidelines (e.g., I can't easily make my usual smoothies which checks off 5-6 of my GHGs). Therefore, I had devised a plan to get in my two milk requirements by eating two cups of cottage cheese. As it turns out, 2 cups of cottage cheese only counts as ONE serving of dairy instead of two like I originally thought. Since I have to get in two dairy requirements and I already eat 5.3oz of Greek yogurt with my morning oatmeal, I've decided to just start making my morning oatmeal with old fashion oats (a power food!) and 2-2 ounces of fat free milk or soy milk. Therefore, I'll not be getting in both of my dairy requirements. Huzzah!

My goals for the week are once again similar to previous weeks' goals...

  • T R A C K E V E R Y T H I N G
  • Check off my daily Good Health Guidelines (GHGs)
  • Be sure to add the fruits & veggies that I eat in a day to my tracker, which I've been neglecting to do even though I check off my GHGs since I've been keeping track of them with my Google Excel doc to watch my fruit intake and eat more veggies
  • Update my daily WW reminders on my phone

Another positive action I took this week was going to see my counselor again. Over the weekend I got hit hard with an overwhelming sense of depression that almost came out of nowhere. I say almost because, as I've mentioned before, things in my life have been changing so I guess I could have seen this coming. Thankfully I was able to make on-going weekly appointments with my counselor as I feel I have a lot to work through. Not only do I want to work through all of the mental health issues I've encountered since March but there's also a lot of deeper issues I want to address that I feel may or may not directly relate to (or even cause) my bad eating habits.

My Non-Scale Victory for the week was figuring out how to make the Arc Trainer at the gym work for me. I mentioned in my last Weekly Weigh-In post just how much I absolutely HATE Arc Trainers. However, on a whim, I jumped on one last Thursday and upped the incline level to 20 which shifted my body so that I could hold on to the moving handles. For whatever reason, this change really worked for me. Granted, the following 2-3 days after I used the Arc Trainer my knee was in quite a bit of pain and it could have been caused by the incline level being so high on the Arc Trainer. I'm not sure if this is actually what brought about my knee pain so I do plan to use the Arc Trainer again and work it into my mix of different cardio machines at the gym.

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