Sunday, May 25, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up 12

This weekend was a huge success in my book as far as eating goes. I stuck to my goal of only going over my 26 daily WW points+ by two days instead of three days. I ended up going over my daily points+ on only Thursday & Friday. I was a bit disappointed that circumstances pushed me to dip into my weekly 49 points+ because I was worried that I would feel so relaxed on Saturday that I'd want to go over my daily points+ allowance for a third day. Thankfully I kept myself so busy once I got home from work on Saturday that I barely wanted to use my remaining 6 points+ because I wasn't hungry enough to eat dinner until later than I had anticipated.

However, I did unintentionally eat pizza on both Thursday AND Friday. I definitely didn't mean to but when I learned that a long-standing, fantastic pizza shop had recently added a gluten-free pizza to its menu, I just had to try it. As it turns out, I liked the gluten-free pizza at Bella-Villa better than the gluten-free pizza at Nino's Pizza.

Even though I had not planned to eat pizza two nights in a row, I'm glad I packed meals for my time away from home. It's always better to have the option to eat healthy and choose to eat something else rather than going someplace completely unprepared only to be stuck eating something that could completely blow my weight loss journey. And even though I wasn't 100% mindful of eating all of my fruits & veggies for Thursday and Friday, I can definitely say that I tried by making sure that I ate at least the vegetables that I packed (carrots and a salad-in-a-jar). Admittedly the salad was not very appetizing since I had my delicious gluten-free pizza waiting for me but it was totally worth eating the salad first so I could thoroughly and slowly enjoy every bite of my pizza.

I'm also trying to get in the habit of packing less snacks when I go away from home for the weekend. If I pack more snacks that I should actually eat in the span of one or two days, then I'm very likely to go over my daily points+ allowance by eating all of the snacks I've brought with me. At least I can see myself making progress!

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