Sunday, March 2, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up 04

This weekend wasn't certainly not the best weekend I've had eating-wise but it was far from being the worst. I had quite a few emotional ups and downs. Feelings such as sadness, frustration, anger, stress, etc. all crept up to me at some point during my weekend.

Thursday, 2/27
I think Thursday was the worst day for me. Although my day started out well by preparing a new crock-pot recipe that I was going to make (Hungry Girl's Hungry Chick Chunky Soup), it slowly went downhill in the evening once I got home from running my errands on Thursday. I waited too long between my breakfast (a smoothie) and my lunch/dinner (spaghetti squash), so I ended up snacking on a whole bag of Late July Sea Salt Multi-Grain Chips (which I bought, by the way, because I wanted to try them). I had also bought a bag of baked Tostitos Scoop chips but I made sure to weigh/measure out the chips into snack baggies so I wouldn't have the chance to devour the whole bag.

I feel that all of my over-eating snacking was definitely tied to the anger & frustration I was dealing with on Thursday. On top of some personal things I was dealing with, I had also called Comcast that day to try to remedy our internet/television problem. It was a painstakingly long phone conversation that I feel resolved next to nothing. The customer representatives were so frustrating to talk to and unhelpful.

I'm not sure if there's anything I could have done to avoid eating through these emotions. It probably would have been a good idea if I had sat down to write about it in my private blog/journal. However there are times when that just takes too long to do. Food is such an instant fix. I wish it wasn't because it's not a long-term solution to a problem. I guess another solution would have been to call someone up to talk to them about my feelings but this wasn't exactly an option for me. I suppose sometimes I narrow my choices of who I can talk to or at least I have trouble thinking who's free. So in the end I just resorted to food as much I wished I hadn't done so.

Friday, 2/28
Overall Friday was a really good day for me. I ended up having a small first meal of the day with Greek yogurt before meeting with someone for lunch where I knew I would be presented with a buffet of food. Thankfully I've mastered the array of options I have of food when I'm with said person because I make a beeline for the salad bar to load up on veggies & black beans. Plus, this time I took my own packet of salad dressing so I knew how much I was having!

After my Scottish Country Dancing class, I had made sure to pack snacks since I had a couple of errands I wanted to get done before heading home. I'm so glad I did because my errands ran late as I found myself stuck in 5 o'clock traffic. Once I was home, I made some really great choices:

  1. I had bought three bags of different chips, all of which I immediately weighed out and divided into baggies before I even got the chance to think about eating through the whole bag.
  2. Since I had already had part of a serving of milk (for Weight Watchers, you should have 2 servings of dairy), I decided to have a bit of a different kind of dinner. I opted to have a sweet potato with a cup of cottage cheese which is slowly becoming a new favorite meal of mine because it's so delicious.

It was refreshing to have a better eating day on Friday. Like last week, I planned to have only meals for breakfast/lunch and dinner then have a large serving of air-popped popcorn. However once I made the popcorn, I decided to have a smaller serving so I could have other snacks. This ended up being a bad idea for me because a few hours later I was hungry (or at least, I thought I was hungry) so I ate some chips that I had not portioned into baggies. The chips also had gluten in them, which is something I've been having problems avoiding lately. I'm pretty sure I paid the price for not watching my gluten intake though because last night (Saturday), I felt pretty ill once I got home from work.

Saturday, 3/1
I actually did really, really good on Saturday. In the morning, I got in a good 55 minute work-out which I often don't find time to do. During the day I ate really well, with the small exception of around lunch. For lunch I had a mix of cereals (½ cup of Fiber One [which has gluten in it, but I wanted to try to see if my body could tolerate it]; ½ cup of Honey Nut Chex cereal; and 1 cup of rice Chex cereal) with a banana. The lunch itself was fine as far as points+/calories are concerned and it tasted delicious but the meal didn't stick with me. I was hungry only 2-3 hours later where I can usually go 3-4 hours without that feeling of hunger hitting me.

After work I relaxed with my boyfriend and had a chance to talk to him about some of the feelings I've been trying to cope with on my own. I felt this was very helpful for me to do since I still haven't gotten a chance to write out my feelings in my private blog in their entirety. Eventually we settled down to watch a TV series on Netflix and I did well with my snacking then too. The only moment I didn't do so good was when I had a small bag of Tostitos baked scoops but I had already portioned them out into 3pts+/120-calorie baggies. So I'm really proud of myself.

Overall I did pretty terribly on Thursday and Friday by going way over my allotted points+/calories for the day. Saturday I did much better by only going over by 3pts+ but I didn't go over my calories for the day due to the amount of steps I took that day. I'm still trying to exercise back my weekly 49pts+ that I get with Weight Watchers -- right now I have 40 weekly points to use but I begin a week with 49 points. Over the course of four days (Wednesday through Saturday), I've earned 25 activity points. *\o/* Go me!

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