Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Weekly Weigh-In [11/48]

What a rough week. :( I go from starting off my week really, really well to just letting my emotions control my eating habits for the worse. I allowed myself feed my emotions Sunday, Monday, AND Tuesday night -- all of which I'm really ashamed of myself for doing. But you know what? It's a new week and I'm committing to the things I wrote out yesterday that I plan to do during this hard time. I'm also tacking on a few extra goals for myself...

  • Continue going to my Weight Watchers meeting every week to weigh in so I can still hold myself accountable
  • Exercise/work-out for at least 30 minutes every day (ideally 45-60 minutes every day)
  • Go to a cycling class either this Friday (March 21st), next Wednesday (March 26th), or next Friday (March 28th)
  • Do not exceed my 26 daily points+ or my calorie allotment (bad times are not an excuse to overindulge) except for special occasions (like going out with friends/a friend)
  • No overspending because, once again, bad times are not an excuse to spread myself thin financially -- it's not a time to treat myself excessively

I'm sure some those things might sound strict but I find that when I'm overemotional due to sadness or depression, I tend to not think very clearly. If I have a list of things written down some place for me to reference, then I find it's easier to stay focused on eating well, exercising abundantly, and staying healthy.

On top of this, I've decided to make one little tweak to my overall diet: I'm going to cut out drinking soda. Mind you, I'm not a huge soda drinker and when I do drink soda, it's only Coke Zero or Sprite Zero. I can usually moderate how much soda I drink on a daily basis but there are times when I start drinking soda excessively and I've hit one of those times. Cutting out soda completely from my diet will be hard, so I'm giving myself a little leeway...

  • I'll allow myself one can of soda on Wednesday & Friday nights (or 2 nights/week) as they're available to me
  • No more buying soda bottles while I'm out & about at the grocery store, restaurant, etc.
  • Buy small cases of bottle water to keep at work so when I'm craving something other than water, I can pop one into the fridge or freezer and add a lemonade or similar flavor packet once it's cold

I've already started working on this mini-goal for the week by buy a pack of bottled water. I also didn't buy a bottle of Coke Zero while I was out at the grocery store on my hour dinner break, hooray! Normally I wouldn't include the task of allowing myself to have a can of soda two nights a week but circumstances are changing (at least for now) and I'll have access to packs of Coke/Sprite Zero cans that I bought months ago. So, the temptation will be around.

Anyways, that about sums up my week. My Non-Scale Victory for the week isn't really something that I've done necessarily but rather a HUGE thank you to the support system I have made up of my friends & family. I really could not get through this journey without my support system, especially when I'm going through a hard time and feeling incredibly down. I cannot be more thankful for all of you. ♥

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