Monday, March 3, 2014

Miscellaneous Monday: Resolution Goals Update v.1

When I started this blog one of the posts I said that I'd make would be periodic updates on my list of goals that I created to accomplish my goal of making it to my goal weight. Since I'm currently home enjoying a relaxing snow day, I figured today would be a good day to work on that sort of a post.

Notes/comments will be in a pink, bold font or italicized. I have a few tiny icons/emoticons to use as a key to indicate how I'm doing with all of my goals. Some of them have changed just a little bit since I'm now trying to not worry about the number on the scale. I'll adjust as I see fit.

[icon key]
gold star = successfully working on goal
tick = working on but I need to make a few adjustments to be more successful
cross = not working on very well and may need to make adjustments

Fitness Routine

  • Continue to meet with a personal trainer every 4-6 weeks [tick] I last met with a personal trainer in January; I think it might be time to set up a new personal trainer session.
  • Continue doing work-routines from my personal trainer at least 2 days per week [gold star]
  • Cardio/Aerobic Exercises!
    • At least 4 times a week (ideally 5 times) for at least 30 minutes (ideally 40-60 minutes) of either elliptical*, stationary bike*, treadmill, arc trainer, biking, etc. [gold star]
    • HIIT = High Intensity Interval Training [gold star]
      • Elliptical = 2 minutes at baseline, 1 minute fast
      • Stationary bike = 1 minute baseline, 2 minutes fast I don't often work out on the stationary bike and when I do it's only for a warm-up while wait for an elliptical to free up.
    • On my days off from the gym/working out, do at least 30-45 minutes of walking (or other cardio activity), even if it means breaking this time up into 15 minute segments (this will probably occur on the weekends) [tick] I haven't necessarily been doing this because I always find time to go to the gym. On Saturdays I asked for my work schedule to be adjusted so I could to the gym before work (now I only take a 30-minute lunch break on Saturdays). Since Tom doesn't often get a chance to go to the gym during his work week, he's more than willing to go the gym with me on Sundays.
      • Saturdays = 30 minute walk during 1-hour break (at least)
      • Sundays = 30-45 minute walk or hike with Tom OR by myself by leaving for work 1 hour early
  • Take a fitness class either once a month or every other month [gold star] January = spin class; February = Scottish Country Dancing; I think for March I will take a Zumba or Kick-Boxing class!
    • Options: jazzercise, kick-boxing, zumba, spin class, water aerobics, etc.
    • Find links/locations online for these options
Healthy Eating/Food
  • Continue tracking food with Weight Watchers [tick] This is something I'm always working on because I'm not perfect. I've also started tracking on My Fitness Pal because I find it helps to keep me more honest and keep my fruit/veggie intake in check.
  • Only use weekly 49 points for special occasions (date nights with Tom, outings with friends or family, etc.) → i.e., I will not use my weekly 49 points on Friday/Saturday nights for snacking alone just because I don’t weigh in for another 5-6 days [tick] Again, something I continue to work on but I would say I'm getting better at doing this.
  • This is not about sacrificing the foods that I love → I will find alternative foods and/or healthier recipes for foods that I am craving [tick]
  • This is not about feeling deprived → When I am hungry, I will have veggies for a snack with a glass of water; if that doesn’t work, I will have a piece of fruit; if I’m still hungry after that, then I will have a high-protein snack (such as PB2) [cross] I don't really keep track of this but I would say I'm not really working on this very well. I am starting to incorporate Greek yogurt more as a snack because the new Yoplait flavors are delicious (and they're a WW power food)!
  • I will continue to buy a limited amount of pre-packaged/single-serve foods that I crave for chocolate/cheese/salty/ice cream cravings so the option is there [tick]
  • I will continue my Do Not Buy/Weakness Foods List [tick] I've been pretty good about this! But I'm sure there are some foods that I need to throw on there that I haven't added yet.
  • Find/narrow down 3-4 recipes to try throughout the month; aim to try and make at least new meal every other week [gold star] I feel I've done really well this! A huge thanks to my mom for letting me use her old crock pot and then getting me my very own crock pot. They are my favorite recipes to make!
  • Buy a weekly calendar in order to make menus [gold star] Saturdays have become my day to sit down and write out my weekly menu. I'm really proud of how well I've been keeping up with this goal. [smile emoticon] Sometimes I go off track from what I've planned but hardly ever.
  • Try at least one new veggie, fruit or food every month. Alternatively try one new method of eating/preparing veggies, fruits, or meals.* [gold star] For January, I tried a starfruit (too tangy/bitter for my taste). I tried a blood orange last month (February) which was okay but too similar to a grapefruit for me to want to have more than few times a year. For March I think I'm going to count steel-cut oats as my new food of the month.
    *I altered this goal a little to limit myself to just trying new veggies because I feel that's too limiting.
  • Keep reducing the amount of gluten I consume; exceptions including old fashion oats, whole grain pasta (limit), whole grain breads (limit), some cereals (Fiber One, Cheerios), whole grain rice products (quinoa, barely) [tick] I'm basically trying to completely eliminate gluten/wheat products from my diet because of ill I feel after I eat them. I'm okay at doing this but I could be a lot stricter.
Make It Known
  • Make an album on Facebook of Before/After pictures with my Starting Weight, Current Weight, and Goal Weight [cross] I haven't done this at all. Oops! I did, however, start posting weekly weigh-in posts on Facebook to hold me more accountable. It helps! But this blog is proving to be helpful in junction with posting on Facebook. [smile emoticon]
  • Write on the wipe board on Tom’s fridge how much I have left to lose [cross] I've done this but I haven't kept up with it. However this isn't as big of a deal to me now that I'm trying to not worry about the number on the scale.
  • Print out Before/Current pictures and put them around Tom’s house (as well as mostly on the fridge) [cross] I haven't done this either! Oh, man. Maybe I should work on these goals this month.

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