Monday, March 3, 2014

Miscellaneous Monday: Resolution Goals Update v.1

When I started this blog one of the posts I said that I'd make would be periodic updates on my list of goals that I created to accomplish my goal of making it to my goal weight. Since I'm currently home enjoying a relaxing snow day, I figured today would be a good day to work on that sort of a post.

Notes/comments will be in a pink, bold font or italicized. I have a few tiny icons/emoticons to use as a key to indicate how I'm doing with all of my goals. Some of them have changed just a little bit since I'm now trying to not worry about the number on the scale. I'll adjust as I see fit.

[icon key]
= successfully working on goal
= working on but I need to make a few adjustments to be more successful
= not working on very well and may need to make adjustments

Fitness Routine

  • Continue to meet with a personal trainer every 4-6 weeks I last met with a personal trainer in January; I think it might be time to set up a new personal trainer session.
  • Continue doing work-routines from my personal trainer at least 2 days per week
  • Cardio/Aerobic Exercises!
    • At least 4 times a week (ideally 5 times) for at least 30 minutes (ideally 40-60 minutes) of either elliptical*, stationary bike*, treadmill, arc trainer, biking, etc.
    • HIIT = High Intensity Interval Training
      • Elliptical = 2 minutes at baseline, 1 minute fast
      • Stationary bike = 1 minute baseline, 2 minutes fast I don't often work out on the stationary bike and when I do it's only for a warm-up while wait for an elliptical to free up.
    • On my days off from the gym/working out, do at least 30-45 minutes of walking (or other cardio activity), even if it means breaking this time up into 15 minute segments (this will probably occur on the weekends) I haven't necessarily been doing this because I always find time to go to the gym. On Saturdays I asked for my work schedule to be adjusted so I could to the gym before work (now I only take a 30-minute lunch break on Saturdays). Since Tom doesn't often get a chance to go to the gym during his work week, he's more than willing to go the gym with me on Sundays.
      • Saturdays = 30 minute walk during 1-hour break (at least)
      • Sundays = 30-45 minute walk or hike with Tom OR by myself by leaving for work 1 hour early
  • Take a fitness class either once a month or every other month January = spin class; February = Scottish Country Dancing; I think for March I will take a Zumba or Kick-Boxing class!
    • Options: jazzercise, kick-boxing, zumba, spin class, water aerobics, etc.
    • Find links/locations online for these options
Healthy Eating/Food
  • Continue tracking food with Weight Watchers This is something I'm always working on because I'm not perfect. I've also started tracking on My Fitness Pal because I find it helps to keep me more honest and keep my fruit/veggie intake in check.
  • Only use weekly 49 points for special occasions (date nights with Tom, outings with friends or family, etc.) → i.e., I will not use my weekly 49 points on Friday/Saturday nights for snacking alone just because I don’t weigh in for another 5-6 days Again, something I continue to work on but I would say I'm getting better at doing this.
  • This is not about sacrificing the foods that I love → I will find alternative foods and/or healthier recipes for foods that I am craving
  • This is not about feeling deprived → When I am hungry, I will have veggies for a snack with a glass of water; if that doesn’t work, I will have a piece of fruit; if I’m still hungry after that, then I will have a high-protein snack (such as PB2) I don't really keep track of this but I would say I'm not really working on this very well. I am starting to incorporate Greek yogurt more as a snack because the new Yoplait flavors are delicious (and they're a WW power food)!
  • I will continue to buy a limited amount of pre-packaged/single-serve foods that I crave for chocolate/cheese/salty/ice cream cravings so the option is there
  • I will continue my Do Not Buy/Weakness Foods List I've been pretty good about this! But I'm sure there are some foods that I need to throw on there that I haven't added yet.
  • Find/narrow down 3-4 recipes to try throughout the month; aim to try and make at least new meal every other week I feel I've done really well this! A huge thanks to my mom for letting me use her old crock pot and then getting me my very own crock pot. They are my favorite recipes to make!
  • Buy a weekly calendar in order to make menus Saturdays have become my day to sit down and write out my weekly menu. I'm really proud of how well I've been keeping up with this goal. Sometimes I go off track from what I've planned but hardly ever.
  • Try at least one new veggie, fruit or food every month. Alternatively try one new method of eating/preparing veggies, fruits, or meals.* For January, I tried a starfruit (too tangy/bitter for my taste). I tried a blood orange last month (February) which was okay but too similar to a grapefruit for me to want to have more than few times a year. For March I think I'm going to count steel-cut oats as my new food of the month.
    *I altered this goal a little to limit myself to just trying new veggies because I feel that's too limiting.
  • Keep reducing the amount of gluten I consume; exceptions including old fashion oats, whole grain pasta (limit), whole grain breads (limit), some cereals (Fiber One, Cheerios), whole grain rice products (quinoa, barely) I'm basically trying to completely eliminate gluten/wheat products from my diet because of ill I feel after I eat them. I'm okay at doing this but I could be a lot stricter.
Make It Known
  • Make an album on Facebook of Before/After pictures with my Starting Weight, Current Weight, and Goal Weight I haven't done this at all. Oops! I did, however, start posting weekly weigh-in posts on Facebook to hold me more accountable. It helps! But this blog is proving to be helpful in junction with posting on Facebook.
  • Write on the wipe board on Tom’s fridge how much I have left to lose I've done this but I haven't kept up with it. However this isn't as big of a deal to me now that I'm trying to not worry about the number on the scale.
  • Print out Before/Current pictures and put them around Tom’s house (as well as mostly on the fridge) I haven't done this either! Oh, man. Maybe I should work on these goals this month.

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