Friday, February 28, 2014

Fitness Fridays: Scottish Country Dancing

So it seems I may be making these Fitness Fridays more often than I would have thought. I am far too eager not to make this post because I have a bit of a secret I've been keeping for the past few weeks. One of my goals for my journey towards making it to my goal was to try out different forms of cardio and/or work-outs. Originally I had thought this would mean taking classes such as kick-boxing, spin, or zumba. However, I discovered last month that the University at which I work offers a variety of physical education classes that I can take for next to nothing.

With that being said, I'm taking a <b>Scottish Country Dancing</b> class. It's only one day a week, every Friday from 1:25-3:05 PM. In general, it's A LOT of fun especially because of the students in the class (read: we're all mostly a bunch of nerds). The professor comes into the class wearing a kilt along with other Scottish garb. I've already learned 8 different dance moves. My only weakness when it comes to learning Scottish Country Dancing is that I have absolutely NO rhythm -- I can't count the beat along with the music as we're doing the steps. I can only hope that with time this will change.

I feel like the only way to full explain what I'm doing in class is to show a video. Enjoy!

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