Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up 01

Since I said in my introductory blog post that Mondays would be dedicated to Weekend Wrap-Up posts, I've decided that for this week I'll make that day be today.

This weekend wasn't one of my worst eating-wise but it certainly wasn't one of my best. For the past few weeks I've been really craving salty chips, specifically corn tortilla chips. Recently I discovered Garden of Eatin' chips which are delicious. The problem is that their stats are high for the amount of chips you get to eat -- 140 calories, 7g/18g/2g/2g (Total Fat/Total Carb/Dietary Fiber/Protein), and 4 Points+ (WW). There's 9 servings in the bag but one of my hardest old habits to break is eating a whole bag of chips when they taste so delicious. So, these chips ended up being my downfall Friday night.

Thursday and Saturday, if I remember correctly, I had the same problem like I did with the corn tortilla chips but with these Gluten Free Rice Thins. They satisify my desire for some crunchy and salty or with a flavor (the white cheddar ones are too good). I've found that when you're trying to follow a gluten-free (G-free) lifestyle change like I am, you get bored of having the same ol' popped chips over and over again. However, I have the same problme with a box of these Rice Thins that I do with the tortilla chips -- I have very little self-control when I'm eating them right of the box.

Lesson learned? Only buy snacks that come individually package for single servings with calories/points+ that I can handle. A great example are the small bags of Smartfood White Cheddar Popcorn or Pop Chips that I can find at places like Walmart or Target. If I can't find the snacks I want in single-serving packages, then I absolutely MUST measure out the snack as soon as I get home with it and put each serving size of my liking into ziplock baggies. I've done it before so I can certainly do it now.

Sunday was a different hurdle all on its own. My boyfriend and I decided to have a little adventure since it was our first day off together since the holidays (I work nights & weekends whereas he has a regular ol' Monday through Friday job). After doing a little researching I found the Reading Terminal Market was in Philly, not too far of a drive from us. Now, I've been to markets before (especially in Lancaster County where I lived for about six years), so I knew to not eat a lot that morning before we left because the food I'd probably eating later would not be necessarily healthy.

I started my Sunday morning/afternoon (we slept in until noon, which worked out in my favor) by having a PB2/peanut butter banana wrap on a corn tortilla with some greek yogurt. It was a filling, protein-packed brunch with very little points+/calories.

When we got to the market I made sure not to snack on a lot of things. Around 4pm, we decided to stop and have dinner since the market would be closing in an hour (plus, we were both hungry). We wanted to have something a little different so we stopped at a booth/vendor that made New Orleans inspired food. I got a catfish wrap instead of the roll it would have come on but then I realized that the spinach (green) wrap probably had gluten in it. Oh, well. I also should have asked to have the spicy mayo that came on the wrap on the side and just dipped my wrap in it but that was something I didn't think of at the time.

So aside from the catfish wrap (which was delicious and worth it), my other weaknesses included the gluten-free veggie chips that were sold by the 1/4lb. There was also many bakery booths and when I found out that one of them sold flourless/g-free cookies, I decided to get one. Again, the cookie at least, my choices were out of the ordinary, tasty, and totally worth the points.

Overall I think I had an okay weekend. Like I said earlier, it wasn't the best weekend and it wasn't the worst. The most important thing to take away this weekend is to find snacks with fewer serving sizes and to measure them out as soon as I buy them.

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