Thursday, February 13, 2014

Weekly Weigh-In [6/48]

This week I opted to weigh in on Wednesday morning instead of Thursday because Delaware was predicted to get a wicked snow storm so my WW Leader mentioned that she'd probably be cancelling our usual Thursday meeting. Despite the fact that it meant I would have a really long Wednesday, I still got up and went to the 9:30am meeting. I gained 0.2lbs but that's okay -- it could have been much worst (a bigger gain).

As mentioned in my introductory post on this blog, I was planning on making my Weekly Weigh-In posts a reflection of my week leading up to my weigh-in as well as a space for me to make a few small mini-goal(s) to work on for the upcoming week.

With that being said, I think a had a few set-backs this week. I splurged over the weekend as I mentioned in my last Weekend Wrap-Up post. Whenever I splurge over the weekend (which is quite frequently), I almost always feel compelled to under-eat during the week even though I have very active days. Therefore, Monday & Tuesday I had quite a few remaining daily points left/calories remaining that I didn't eat. On Monday I had 8 daily points+ left and 980 calories despite earning 6 activity points (APs)/674 extra calories for that day. On Tuesday I had 7 points+/904 calories remaining even though I earned 7 APs/690 extra calories. So, I'm wondering if under-consumption is setting me back.

This coming week I'm making it a goal of mine to continue tracking honestly and to eat all of my daily 26pts. I think it will be hard for me but I've learned from my WW Leader that sometimes you have to experiment with what works for you on Weight Watchers. This could mean eating only your 26 daily points without going into your weekly 49 points or the APs that you earn in a week. It could also mean eating all or some the APs that you gain. So first I'm going to experiment with just eating my 26pts and seeing how my body fares with that method.

The good news is that I've really adapted my eating habits/schedule to my work schedule -- something I struggled with before the New Year because I had started a new job with completely opposite hours than what I was used to before. Learning what meals to eat at what times with my schedule back to being 3:30pm to midnight leaves me with very little time for snacking at work. However, if I'm going to start eating all of my 26pts in a day, then I will need to learn how to find time to have a snack at work.

Anyways, my Non-Scale Victory (NSV) for this week is that I've started trying to use the stair climber at the gym. I needed a new form of cardio for the gym that I go to because they have arc trainers instead of ellipticals. If you've never tried a stair climber, let me tell you they are quite difficult! The first time I tried one, I was out of breath in the first 2 minutes of the work-out. Now I'm up to 10 minutes on the stair climber but I'm hoping to work up to 15 minutes. It's a difficult work out but I can tell it's really great cardio.

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