Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Weekly Weigh-In [8/48]

This the first time of my new Weight Watchers meeting day, a Wednesday instead of a Thursday. Before I got a chance to tell the receptionist who weighed me in that I didn't want to know how much I gained/lost, she told me. Oops! I know I mentioned that I would find out how how much I weighed this week but after mulling it over, I decided that I should get in the habit of not knowing because it's a really hard habit to break. It's been a bit of a struggle this week to not be tempted by the scale as I walk past it every morning in the bathroom. I'm almost tempted to stash it in a closet for the time being.

Anyways, I'm not going to share my weight this week because I'm trying my hardest to forget what I heard this morning. I like my focus being on what I eat and how much I eat -- it really helped me this past and I hope it continues to help. I would say that I had a very good week with only a few minor eating hurdles but nothing like it's been before. There isn't a lot I would change about this past week other than trying much harder to stay away from gluten because I had a day or two this past week when I felt ill. Other than that, I indulged when I was really hungry but I didn't binge or over-indulge.

For this coming week, my plan is to once again focus on doing good over the week. There's nothing major coming up this weekend that I foresee myself having trouble with necessarily. The only two days I can see giving me cause for concern are Thursday and Saturday night.

  • Thursday: Since I've now shifted to running a majority of my errands to today (Wednesdays), I'm now left with very little I absolutely have to do on Thursdays. It will definitely be nice to have a relaxing day off on my "weekend" but I do worry that I'll get bored and mindlessly munch. However I'm not going to worry about that idea too much right now, simply because I have a list of tasks to get done at the house on Thursday (laundry, meal prep, working on a new crock pot recipe, etc). I think I'll keep myself sufficiently busy between my to-do list and going to the gym.
  • Saturday: The only reason I'm slightly worried about going off plan on Saturday is because I might go bowling with friends. Nothing is set in stone and I may very well end up enjoying a relaxing night in with my boyfriend. However, on the off chance of us getting together with friends to go bowling, there is the possibility that they may order pizza or other foods while we're there that I just won't want (or should not have) to eat. So I think my game plan is to make sure I have my more filling meal for dinner at work Saturday night before we possibly go out, take a banana or other easily portable fruit, and a snack to munch on like a bag of chips or yogurt. Just in case I get hungry anyways, it will be nice to have these foods on me because I find it's often hard to go more than 3 or 4 hours without eating anything.
So those are my plans for the weekend. Fingers crossed that I have another good weekend -- staying on plan, tracking honestly, and eating healthfully. Oh! And before I forget, I have a Non-Scale Victory for the week but I'm going to keep a secret until Friday. You'll have to keep a look out on the blog for a new Fitness Friday post.

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