Sunday, February 16, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up 02

I like to think of my weekends as being Thursdays through Saturdays since a normal work-week for me is working Saturdays through Wednesdays with Thursday and Fridays. So I tend to splurge on Thursdays & Saturdays the most while I sometimes splurge on Fridays. This is a bad habit of mine that I'm trying to break hence the need for a public blog so I can be brutally honest with everything I'm eating. Hopefully it will help me to keep myself in check with what I'm eating during the weekends.

Thursday, February 13th I already talked about this day in my Weekly Weigh-In post but I'll recap it a bit again. Since I was trapped indoors due to Snow Storm Pax, I had tried to prepare a bit by picking up extra fruit and veggies to snack on but that only helped a bit. If I hadn't bought the bag of Tostitos that I bought, I would have been generally safe. However, I did buy a bag of the salty corn chips and didn't think to portion them out since I had already portion out a couple of other bags of snacks. Plus, I had other pre-portioned snack bags that I had bought as well so I thought I would be safe.

My other downfall for Thursday was the small bag of Buffalo Wing Goldfish Puffs that I had bought as well. These type of Goldfish are gluten-free and absolutely delicious so they're on my "Do Not Buy" List yet I still allow myself to buy the small bags for some stupid reason. You would think that the small bag would be okay but since it has two serving sizes it comes out to be about 8 points+ which is too much for a small snack. So I think it's time to put the small "snack size" bags on my "Do Not Buy" List except for maybe as a special treat.

Friday, February 14th

Ah, the Day of Love. Since my boyfriend and I couldn't make Valentine's Day reservation at my restaurant of choice until the following evening, we opted to join friends/co-workers of his at Outback Steakhouse. I made sure to do really, really well throughout the day. I had my smoothie for breakfast, a low-calorie/low-point salad from Saladworks (I wanted to treat myself), and tried my best to plan what I would eat at Outback Steakhouse (a Simply Grilled tilapia filet with seasonal fresh veggies). When it came down to it, I completely blew my evening when I had a drink which I often do when I start to get nervous (I don't do well socializing in big groups and there were going to be 13 other people I'd have to be around). Once I had a drink, everything went down hill. I had about a fourth of a Bloomin' Onion that I shared with friends at the table; I ordered a buttery appetizer of crab-stuffed mushrooms that I only ate; and the Simply Grilled Tilapia that I had planned on ordering wasn't on the menu.

The good news is that I ended up ordering Chicken on the Barbie with seasonal fresh veggies and when I got my entree, I was too full to eat the whole thing so I only ate half and took half home with me (along with most of the veggies). It's now my lunch for today and eating only half saved me on points+/calories. The bad news that while a Bloomin' Onion is apparently low in points+/calories (surprisingly), it is filled with gluten which completely made my stomach feel terrible. The worst items that I ordered with the highest points+/calories were the drink (a piña colada) and the crab-stuffed mushrooms. So, hopefully I learned my lesson for the future (even though I've previously learned in the past, argh).

Saturday, February 15th

During the day I did very, very well. I made sure to eat filling meals that were low in points+/calories since my boyfriend & I couldn't get a Valentine's Day reservation until later in the evening this day (I work until 8pm anyways, so our reservation was for 10pm). Since it was a special occasion, I asked my boyfriend if we could go to The Melting Pot which we had gone to once before and I had wanted to go back ever since then. I did my very best to track all/most of what we would get to share that night for all four courses earlier in the day. Overall I think I did a decent job of eating there even though I'm sure it wasn't the lowest meal in points+ or calories. I could not emphasize the fact that every bite was 110% every point+/calorie that evening.

Plus, The Melting Pot was very accommodating for me to have as little gluten as possible. For example, they gave me gluten-free bread to dip in the cheese fondue; I was able to substitute extra shrimp for the spinach ravioli I would have gotten in my third course; and they had gluten-free pound cake as well as brownie pieces for me to have for the chocolate fondue course. It was all magnificently delicious. I'm really happy we went!

Anyways, this coming week's Weight Watchers meeting is focusing on eating better during the weekends. I'm very much looking forward to Thursday's meeting and setting some goals for me to adhere to next weekend.

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