Sunday, July 13, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up 19

If I could use any word to describe this weekend as far as staying on plan was concerned, I would use the word mindful. I was more mindful of what I ate, whether or not I liked what I was eating, and not finishing food that I didn't enjoy by throwing it away. I was more mindful of whether or not I was truly hungry as oppose to just being bored or feeding another emotion. I was mindful enough of my emotions to find something else to preoccupy my time instead of eating.

Overall this wasn't the best weekend I've ever had but it certainly was not the worst. I did use all of my weekly 49 points+ but I've been very active since my Weight Watchers week started on Wednesday. I've been trying to balance my fruits and veggies, trying to consume more of the latter. Although I wish I kept better track of how many vegetables I eat versus how many fruits I eat, I'm pleased to say that I've discovered that I really like eating zucchini raw. I have eaten and loved zucchini many times before in various forms but I'm glad that I tried eating it raw because it's delicious! I'm thrilled to have another veggie that I can easily cut up to take with me as a snack that satisfies my crunchy cravings.

Additionally, I have more exciting news: I now have my very own Weight Loss Bracelet that I hope works as an anchor for me. Anchors are something -- a person, a trinket, a photo, anything! -- that help you to remember why you're on program. Weight Watchers explains anchoring best in this article:

"Anchoring is an effective strategy you can use to connect with positive memories and feelings that can restore your confidence, determination and belief in yourself."

I've always struggled with finding an anchor. For the last couple of months, I've been using a picture of me when I felt I was at my heaviest weight which I referenced in my Motivation Monday post from April. I use the picture as my phone's screen lock background but often it has proven to not be enough of a solid anchor. Prior to the picture, I've used other methods like the Weight Loss jars (one for how much weight you've lost and the other for how much you have left to lose where each stone in both jars is the equivalent of 1 pound) as well as paper clip chains (same idea with the jars but each paperclip equates to 5 or 10 pounds). Not only did these anchors not work well enough for me but they also weren't portable enough for me to always have on hand to remind myself why I'm doing Weight Watchers and how far I've come. Even though I do still keep a pair of Weight Loss jars at work & at home, it still has not been enough to keep me anchored.

Therefore, a couple of weeks when I stumbled upon the idea of Weight Loss Bracelets, I was very excited at the possibility of acquiring one in order for it to become my new anchor. I asked a coworker (and friend) of mine who makes gorgeous, unique earrings in her free time if she could easily make one for me. Being the kind person she is, my coworker made this lovely, colorful bracelet for me in just a couple days time. There are 23 beads all together but I'm not counting the 5 small clear beads that act as spacers/dividers. Each colored bead represents 6.5lbs lost so I have lost a total of 13 beads (and counting) so far. The charm that says Inspire on one side and Believe on the other side works as my marker to remind me how far I've come (13 beads on one side) and how much I still need to loose (5 beads on the other side). The bead goals are as follows...

  • 1st bead = 6.5lbs lost
  • 10th bead = 65.0lbs lost
  • 2nd bead = 13.0lbs lost
  • 11th bead = 71.5lbs lost
  • 3rd bead = 19.5lbs lost
  • 12th bead = 78.0lbs lost
  • 4th bead = 26.0lbs lost
  • 13th bead = 84.5lbs lost*
  • 5th bead = 32.5lbs lost
  • 14th bead = 91.0lbs lost*
  • 6th bead = 39.0lbs lost
  • 15th bead = 97.5lbs lost
  • 7th bead = 45.5lbs lost
  • 16th bead = 104.0lbs lost
  • 8th bead = 52.0lbs lost
  • 17th bead = 110.5lbs lost
  • 9th bead = 58.5lbs lost
  • 18th bead = 117.0lbs lost
  • I typed up that list more for my benefit so I can keep a record of how many pounds I have left to lose before I can move my Inspire/Believe charm to a different place on the bracelet. Currently I'm down 86.6lbs, so I only have 4.4lbs left to go before I can move the charm! And, speaking of which, the charm is one that I picked up on my own. I knew it said Believe on one side but I bought it without knowing it said Inspire on the other. Turns out the charm is even more perfect with both words on it because not only do I have to continue to believe in myself that I can reach my ultimate goal weight but I have been told several times in the past that I inspire others! It's been motivational to hear from people that I've inspired them to lose weight and get healthy, so it's something that has helped me to stick with this journey.

    Overall I could not be more pleased with my bracelet. A huge THANK YOU to my amazing coworker for making it! It's just one more way for me to stay connected with this journey.

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