Monday, July 7, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up 18

So this past weekend was the Fourth of July -- a holiday like all other holidays where a great deal of Americans celebrate it by eating lots of food while spending time with friends & family. Since start Weight Watchers three years ago, my anxiety over holidays has grown because it means I have to worry about what kind of food I'll have available at whatever family or friend function I attend and the pressure of how much (or how little) should I eat at said holiday party. Thankfully holidays have become somewhat easier since my mom joined Weight Watchers because we team up to make a healthier version of our old, family tradition menus and work to provide both the healthier & original versions of said family traditional meal options. The Fourth of July was no different as my mom & I planned to have a veggie platter, fruit tray, healthy homemade dips, roasted potatoes, corn on the cob, chicken, hamburgers, and turkey burgers. There was plenty of power foods (fruits & veggies) as well as other food, all of which was very tasty. I can safely say that I had a successful day of eating on the Fourth of July!

Overall I would say that I have a pretty successful weekend as far as my eating was concerned. I wasn't perfect with staying within my daily 26 points+ target, but I didn't overeat too much on any single day. I did splurge a bit on Sunday when I ate pizza but I didn't use up all of my weekly 49 points+ like I've done the past few weekends. I do feel that I slipped a little bit as far as tracking 100% honestly goes but I certainly tried my best and pointed just about everything as accurately as possible. And thankfully I was not obligated to attend any other holiday parties where I might have felt the pressure that I mentioned above (what food I should/shouldn't eat as well as much or how little food I should eat).

The best part of this weekend was how much activity I got in while I was on my "stay-cation" from work. Earlier this year I was planning on going away for the holiday weekend to upstate New York. However my plans changed a few months ago but I decided to hold on to my long holiday weekend that I had given myself. Being able to stay home and relax allowed me to do whatever I pleased. Therefore I swam in the pool for the first time all summer, went on a few bike rides (one of my favorite pastimes/activities), and still got in my 10,000 steps for my WW Leader's walking challenge that I'm participating in this summer. If I had chosen to cancel my days off/vacation days this past holiday weekend then I wouldn't have gotten to do my favorite activities or had a chance to relax. Therefore I'm super glad that I stayed with my intuition and gave myself some much-needed time away from work!

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