Monday, August 11, 2014

Motivational Monday: The Old Me

Since I made a post on Saturday about how I was recommitting myself to Weight Watchers starting yesterday (Sunday), I figured I would skip writing a "Weekend Wrap-Up" post. The idea for this current post came to me when I actually had time on my hands (a rare occurrence) to take a walk down memory lane by leisurely browsing through old photos of me on Facebook. It was a significant moment for me when I realized for the umpteenth time what I used to look like when I was carrying an extra 75+ pounds around with me on my body. I thought I would share these pictures because they are a good reminder of why I started Weight Watchers and why I continued on this journey despite the bumps along the way.

I could write a million words about "The Old Me" but I would rather just share these pictures. The first few pictures are from my time in college when I gained more than the "Freshmen 15" because I never learned how to eat healthily. The other pictures are from the year after I graduated college when I had not yet started Weight Watchers because I didn't have the means or motivation to join. In the months following my college graduation, I felt in a rut even when I landed a somewhat part-time job working in a pharmacy. A combination of feeling depressed but having money to buy whatever food I wanted, led to my weight being at its highest.

In all of the pictures you can see how happy I am because I did love myself and the life I was living when I was heavier. However I can say now that I truly feel more like myself now than ever before. I can with 100% certainty that I feel far more confident, happier, and beautiful weighing 75+ pounds lighter these days. While I loved every moment in college, a small part of me wishes I could back to relive those days now that I have more energy & confidence being a smaller size. The pictures below give me the motivation I need to continue my journey towards a healthier lifestyle. I'm hoping this post will be a reminder for me of why I started my journey and why I keep going...

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